Programs & Services

FIU ADVANCE’s initiatives were intended to create a faculty-based social system that acts proactively to enhance a culture of inclusion for all faculty at FIU and to provide mentoring to facilitate faculty members’ careers.

For information about our initiatives and the research conducted to inform them, please review the topics in the left-hand navigation.


  • Bystander Intervention Leadership Program

    A one-day, highly interactive and immersive educational program that was intended to move participants from “insight” to “action” by offering skills training to increase civility and cooperation among faculty.

  • Best Practices For Hiring Faculty Workshops

    Best Practices for Hiring Faculty Workshops provided background information and concrete advice about recruitment practices that make searches more successful (in producing robust candidate pools and hiring top candidates).

  • Live Theater

    A sustainable, interactive, educational theater program geared towards addressing the typical faculty dynamics and faculty-student interactions.

  • Search Advocate Program

    Additional training for one member of each search committee focused on methods to attract a broad pool of applicants for faculty positions and tips to recruit the selected candidates.   

  • Faculty Fellows/College Advisors

    Fellows received a two course release for a one-year term (College Advisors with their respective units receive a one course release for a one-year term) in order to gain experience with university leadership and administration and make valuable contributions to increasing diversity and improving the climate at FIU by contributing to FIU ADVANCE programs.

  • Launch Committees

    A Launch Committee was established by the Faculty Mentor Program for each Launch participant, typically a new Assistant Professor. The committee met with the faculty member once a month during their first year. The focus was on areas that are essential for new faculty to be successful. These included: integration into FIU, obtaining resources, lab space/personnel, working with students, external funding, teaching, and service. 

  • Faculty Mentor Program (FMP)

    The Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) was offered to all faculty ranks, including tenure-line, research, clinical, and instructors. FMP included one-on-one mentoring, mentor training, networking events, and structured skills-training presentations related to enhancing faculty productivity.

Service levels

  • Institutional

    Leadership programs
    Policy/procedure reviews and changes

  • Department

    Bystander Leadership Program
    Best Practices For Hiring Faculty
    Search Advocate Program
    Live Theater

  • Individual

    Faculty Mentor Program
    Launch Commitees