Best Practices For Hiring

FIU ADVANCE offered four types of Best Practices For Hiring workshops, and all workshops were facilitated by faculty members.

Hiring/Faculty Recruitment Workshop

Designed to provide background information and concrete advice about practices that make searches more successful (in producing diverse candidate pools and hiring candidates). Attendance was required once every three years for faculty serving on search committees. A list of attendees that are certified is available.

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Search Advocate Workshop

The Search Advocate Program provided advanced training for one member of each faculty search committee concerning methods to expand the diversity of the candidate pool. It was initiated in 2018-2019 with search committees for tenure-line hires in STEM & SBS. 

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Tenure and Promotion Workshop

All College Tenure & Promotion Committee members, Department Chairs, & Deans were required to attend the T&P workshop in their first year of appointment, beginning in 2020-2021.

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Hiring Leaders Workshop

This was required for all upper-administration (dean and above) search committee members.

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