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Our Team

The FIU ADVANCE Team consists of the Leadership Team (PI and Co-PIs), Project Team, Research Team, Internal and External Advisory Boards, and Internal and External Evaluators. We also work with External Consultants who have extensive experience in relevant fields.

FIU ADVANCE is overseen by the Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity (AWED) and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS). Provost Kenneth G. Furton serves as the project PI, and Drs. Suzanna Rose, Yesim Darici, Mike Heithaus and Ranu Jung are Co-PIs.

The Project Team oversees the daily operations of the grant and includes Co-PI and Associate Provost Suzanna Rose, Co-PI Director Yesim Darici, Internal Evaluator Barbara King, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Sanaz Farhangi, Program Coordinator Cinthya Silva-Cruz, Account Manager Ashley Nicole Garcia, and Graduate Research Assistant Brianna Pankey. Internal Advisory Board (IAB) members include FIU leaders such as the Director of the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Program, the Dean of the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, and the Executive Director of the School of Environment, Arts and Society.