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Objectives and Goals

The goal of FIU’s ADVANCE program is to develop institutional structures, processes, and climate that build an affirming and fair workplace for women and underrepresented groups.

FIU ADVANCE is guided by four objectives:

    • Attract, recruit, retain, and promote more women STEM faculty, particularly underrepresented minority women, to better reflect the demographics of the FIU student body.
    • Educate faculty about gender-by-ethnic biases and microclimates that affect the advancement of women.
    • Move faculty from insight to action to promote gender equity by developing and implementing an evidence-based intervention program and a university-wide diversity, inclusion, and excellence plan.
    • Develop the ADVANCE Florida Network, a joint steering committee and seminar series for women STEM faculty and postdoctoral fellows comprised of the Florida metropolitan research universities of FIU, University of Central Florida, and University of South Florida.